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Activity Details

The KAAN Show presented by Singha Corporation  at the D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre is a delightful live show backed up by a full size cinema backdrop combining two distinctly different theater styles into one grand performance that is great for all ages. The presentation easily bridges language gaps and everyone is sure to be entertained.


The show runs twice daily at 17:30 and 20:30 but is closed on Mondays.


The D’LUCK building was designed for the KAAN Show and after watching the show that makes perfect sense. The show transports the audience with them into the show itself by incorporating animatronics and actors in 3D. You do not just watch the KAAN Show, you experience the journey into the ancient tome together. This is possible through the combination of the world-class audio and visual system and the best projection image mapping in Asia.


The best example of this is in the beginning when I got a bit motion sick as we flew through the forest and the mountains. It reminded me of riding Star Tours at Disneyland, but a full theatre of people, and we didn't actually move, but it sure felt like it. The whole production manipulates the senses to make the audience part of the show. The journey included trips under the sea, battles, parades and so much more.


The KAAN Show is brilliantly executed, entertaining for the whole family and the whole cinema experience is completed by having beer and popcorn available and a variety of other snacks by the cafe that serves. There is a great gift shop at the end which everyone is funnelled through, where you too can take a piece of the story home with you.

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